What Students are saying about the Four Gateways Program

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I found the 4 Gateways Program very helpful in order to manifest anything I dream. I learned so much about myself and from this course I discovered that I am the one who has been getting in the way of my dreams. Thanks so much for creating this course.

– Steve

Having completed the Four Gateways Program I am now more aware of traps that prevented me from advancing and intending my goals. The Program gave me the skills to identify these traps and how to overcome them. The Program design builds on each successive teaching in a logical and well-paced manner, with additional support in the form of one-on-one meetings. I highly recommend the Four Gateways Program.

– Amanda

Life is meant to be fully expressed and engaged, however life has a way of shutting us down for whatever “the reason, circumstance or event”. We can lose site of who were are and what our own destiny or path is, however, it never completely shuts down that inner voice. The Four Gateways Program provided for me a guided tour both in group sessions and individual sessions to give me the tools and guidance to find that spark, to connect back to the core of my being and know without a doubt WHO I AM!!

– Ramona

My experience with the Four Gateways online program with the Institute of Shamanic Medicine has left me with a grounded and balanced footing in my sacred life path. Since working with Gael and Marilyn and working with shamanic ceremony, I have seen a very positive shift in my life. The Great Mystery has opened up in front of me. My family and I have made shifts towards living and fulfilling our dream and I look forward to continuing to walk in sacred steps with gratitude and strong intent towards fully unfolding my path and opening up to the greater possibilities I have yet to discover!

– Michael

Now Taking Registrations for The Four Gateways Online Program