What is Shamanism?

The practice of shamanism has been around as long as humans have walked the earth! It is without a doubt, the oldest expression of human spirituality. Shamanic practice nourishes our natural and profound hunger for inter-connection with the living, breathing world.

Human beings long to connect with the earth, the stars, the plants, the animals, other human beings, and the spirit energy we feel all around us. Awakening these connections and using them to find our inner balance and expand our knowledge are at the core of any practices of shamanism.

We can learn from the animals how to go after the things we want in life – food and shelter, companionship, play, complete relaxation, acute awareness and sensitivity… and so much more. We can learn from the stars how to dream, how to awaken the memories of our lineage, of imagination, and of artistic creativity and how to contemplate the great mysteries such as, “Why am I here?’

Although the term ‘shamanism’ originated with the Tungus peoples of Siberia the origins of the practice of shamanism are worldwide and diverse. And in these times when so many people live in cities, sometimes far removed from natural landscapes and wildlife, shamanism is a vital way to re-establish our connections with the natural world, with the transcendent, and with the sacred.

At the Institute of Shamanic Medicine you can experience shamanism from the roots of its practice in the Americas. We teach about dreaming and stalking and the magical intricacies of the medicine wheel. We journey into Nagual realms and Inner Worlds. We offer initiations, ceremonies and rituals. And we work with feathers and fans, crystals, drums, and the sweat lodge for healing, growth, empowerment, and expansion.