Offerings for One on One Work

Shamanic Coaching 

If you desire contact with your power animal, a revitalization of your energy body, some personalized ceremonial work for a deeper understanding of self, or any other type of personalized Shamanic transformational work, these individual or couples consultations are for you.

We offer Shamanic Coaching in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver whenever Gael and Marilyn are in town. We also offer coaching sessions by phone or skype. Contact to get the dates for Shamanic Coaching in your city or to arrange for a phone or skype session with Gael or Marilyn.

Ceremonial Work

Ceremonial work offers the greatest potential for transformation when done in nature because the natural world provides a powerful mirror for balance and alignment. Communication with the plants and trees, the rocks, the waters, the birds and the animals is one of the central aspects of all shamanic ceremonies. Our retreat centre on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia is ideal for forging this communication and connection with nature. If you need ceremony in your life to touch Spirit and to get some guidance from your own inner wise one, you may be interested in doing a retreat here with us on Salt Spring Island.

If you would prefer to do ceremony with a group of like minded ceremonial seekers, you might be interested in one of our summer ceremonial weeklongs. Our annual ceremonial weeklongs are held in BC and in Ontario and are open to everyone. No experience in shamanism is necessary. They are an opportunity for people to transcend their ordinary reality and spend a week in nature while engaging in ceremonies that facilitate personal and spiritual transformation.

For more information about our ceremonial retreats and ceremonial weeklongs, please contact

Book of Life Readings

Book of Life Readings are done using the Mayan Tarot deck. These oracles provide an optimum medium for you to get a really comprehensive look at the coming year, what needs a little extra focus and attention, where you are headed, and how you can best get there. Book of Life Readings can be done in person whenever we are in Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver and also at the retreat centre on Salt Spring Island, or by skype.

Contact for more information or to schedule appointments.

The Body Power Program

The Body Power Program offers a form of bodywork that allows progressive relaxation of your habitual physical holding patterns. It dramatically reduces and often completely eliminates the patterns that block your ability to be physically fluid, responsive and energetic. This also allows you more flexibility in how you live, take on challenges and meet new and exciting opportunities. Body Power utilizes breathing techniques and nerve stimulation to open new pathways of energy and power and offers more pleasure, responsiveness, and freedom in your physical body. Participants work one-on-one with Gael Carter, co-founder of the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. There are a total of 16 sessions. Sessions may be booked one at a time or in blocks. Contact for more information or to schedule appointments.

The Silent Power Program

The Silent Power intensive offers a powerful and proven way to silence one’s inner dialogue. During seven days of personal ceremonial work, participants explore and sever the threads of their negative inner dialogue that have kept them chained to the past. The Silent Power intensive offers freedom from karmic patterns in the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual arenas of one’s life. Break through to the stillpoint and find the freedom that a quiet mind offers. The Silent Power program is offered during Ceremonial Weeklongs in Ontario and in BC and by appointment on Salt Spring Island. Contact for more information or to schedule appointments.

Shamanic Mentorship 

Need some assistance in healing your past, releasing blocks and limitations, accessing Spirit, finding your dream, making a change, or reaching your goals?  Mentoring is personalized work done one-on-one to fit the needs and desires of the individual.

Mentoring can be done in person at regular intervals in Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver. Or it can be done over an extended time as a retreat on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Mentoring can also be done over skype or by phone.

Contact for more information to discuss your interests in mentorship and explore the possibilities that are right for you.